EMC Question of the Week: June 26, 2023

Circuit board component in a QFN package

When referring to integrated circuit packages, QFN is an acronym for

  1. Quiet Fasteners Numbered
  2. Quality Four-sided Numbered
  3. Quick Fixed Normal
  4. Quad Flat No-Lead


The correct answer is “d.” QFN packaging for integrated circuits provides a lower connection inductance and a smaller footprint than some of the other packaging options.

Other common semiconductor package types include:
Some Semiconductor Package Types (DFN, DIP, SOIC, SIP, QFN, QFP, TO-263, and SOT)
BGA - Ball Grid Array
DFN - Dual Flat No-Lead
DIP - Dual Inline Package
LLC - Leadless Chip Carrier
PGA - Pin Grid Array
QFP - Quad Flat Package
SIP - Single Inline Package
SOIC - Small Outline Integrated Circuit
SOT - Small Outline Transistor
TSOP - Thin Small Outline Package.

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