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LearnEMC offers customized web-based course delivery options for training EMC engineers at your company. Live webinars provide focused training on specific topics of interest in a single session. Live online short courses provide more comprehensive training to provide engineers with the skills they need to address a variety of EMC issues. All courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company. 

  • Live Webinars

    Live webinars are a convenient way of bringing engineers up to speed on specific topics of importance to your company. These can be overviews of a general topic such as power circuit design or focused discussions of an advanced topic such as computer modeling tools. Interactive live webinars are typically presented to audiences of anywhere from 5 to 50 people and last from 1 to 3 hours. Any of the E-Learning Module topics listed below can be presented in a live webinar.

  • Live Online Courses

    Live online courses are an alternative to on-site short courses. Online courses are typically presented in 90-minute segments. Each class is recorded so that students who miss a lecture can view it at a later time without falling behind in the class. All of the courses described on the Short Courses page can be delivered in a live, online format. The online courses include all of the same presentation materials and demonstrations as the on-site short courses. Custom online courses can also be put together from the E-Learning course modules listed at the bottom of this page.

Modules for Custom Courses

All modules are 30-90 minutes when presented in a live online format.

Basic Topics

Intermediate Topics

Advanced Topics

 ☐ Introduction to EMC
 ☐ Common Impedance Coupling
 ☐ EM Modeling Tools
 ☐ Overview of EMC Test Procedures
 ☐ E-Field Coupling
 ☐ EM Modeling Examples
 ☐ Working with Decibels
 ☐ H-Field Coupling
 ☐ Imbalance Difference Theory
 ☐ Resistance
 ☐ Radiation Coupling
 ☐ Power Inverter EMC
 ☐ Capacitance
 ☐ Grounding
 ☐ PCB Layout - Guidelines
 ☐ Inductance
 ☐ Antennas and Resonant Structures
 ☐ PCB Layout - Review
 ☐ Linear Systems / Phasor Notation
 ☐ Cavity Resonance
 ☐ Network Analysis
 ☐ Time Domain vs Frequency Domain
 ☐ CM and DM Propagation
 ☐ Meeting Conducted EMI Requirements
 ☐ Spectrum Analyzers
 ☐ Time-Domain Spectrum Analyzers
 ☐ Meeting Radiated EMI Requirements
 ☐ Current Paths
 ☐ PCB Decoupling - w/o power planes
 ☐ Meeting BCI Requirements
 ☐ Coupling Mechanisms
 ☐ PCB Decoupling - Global
 ☐ Meeting ESD Requirements
 ☐ Transmission Lines - Freq. Domain
 ☐ PCB Decoupling - Local
 ☐ Meeting EFT Requirements
 ☐ Transmission Lines - Time Domain
 ☐ Plane Wave Shielding Effectiveness
 ☐ Embedded Capacitance
 ☐ RLC circuits
 ☐ Practical EM Shielding Design
 ☐ Antennas for EMC Measurements
 ☐ High-Freq. Modeling of Components
 ☐ High-Freq. Modeling of PCBs
 ☐ Lightning
 ☐ Lightning Protection


Custom Modules

All of the modules listed above can be customized to meet the needs of your company. For example, the presentation of a topic can be tailored for an audience of mechanical or chemical engineers. Demonstrations and example problems can be selected that resemble the types of products of greatest interest to a particular engineering group. Custom modules can also be developed on topics that do not appear in the list above.