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Harmonics of a Trapezoidal Waveform




Harmonic (n)


Amplitude (A)


Transition Time (tr)

Period (T)

Duty Cycle (%)

or 100 x τ/T

Fundamental Frequency


Harmonic Frequency


Amplitude of Harmonic (rms)


Amplitude of Envelope (rms)


Fourier Series Coefficients of Trapezoidal Waveform and Envelope

Instructions: Enter the number of the harmonic you want to calculate along with the amplitude, transition time, period and duty cycle of the trapezoidal waveform. Click on the "Calculate" button to determine the remaining parameters. Note that the precise amplitude of a harmonic can vary significantly with small changes in the period and duty cycle. For that reason, when using this calculator to determine the worst-case amplitude of signal harmonics, the amplitude of the envelope is a better number to rely on. This is especially true for the higher harmonics.

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