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Resonant Frequencies of Rectangular Circuit Board Planes



Length (L)

Width (W)

Plane Separation (s)

Relative permittivity: εr =


Resonances (Hz)


f10 =

f01 =

f11 =

f20 =

f21 =

f12 =

f22 =

f30 =

f31 =

f32 =

f23 =

f33 =

Instructions: Specify the length, width, plane separation, and the relative permittivity of the dielectric. The plane separation is not a factor in calculating the result, but it must be much less than the length and width of the board. This calculation does not account for the fringing field, which can cause resonances to occur at slightly lower frequencies.

Circuit board plane pair with length L, width W and plane separation s
PCB Resonance Equation

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