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LearnEMC offers customized web-based course delivery options for training EMC engineers at your company. Live webinars provide focused training on specific topics of interest in a single 1 to 3-hour session. Live online short courses generally meet for one hour, once or twice per week over a 15-week period. Recorded online courses are intended for company-sponsored training of employees that require a self-paced program of study. All web-based and recorded courses are custom designed to meet the specific needs of your company. LearnEMC does not currently offer generic online courses for individuals, but a variety of materials suitable for independent study can be found on our EMC Tutorials page.

  • Live Webinars

    Live webinars are a convenient way of bringing engineers up to speed on specific topics of importance to your company. These can be overviews of a general topic such as power circuit design or focused discussions of an advanced topic such as computer modeling tools. Interactive live webinars are typically presented to audiences of anywhere from 5 to 50 people and last from 1 to 3 hours.

  • Live Online Courses

    Live online courses are an alternative to on-site short courses. Instead of requiring a block of days that all engineers are available to attend an on-site short course, online courses are typically presented in 1 or 2-hour segments over a period of several weeks. Each class is recorded so that any student who misses a lecture can view it at a later time without falling behind in the class. All of the on-site and open-enrollment courses described on the Short Courses page can be delivered in a live, online format. The online courses include all of the same presentation materials and live demonstrations as the on-site short courses. In addition, online courses typically have brief assignments and self-assessments. Custom online courses can also be put together from the E-Learning course modules listed at the bottom of this page.

  • Recorded Online Courses

    Recorded online courses are intended for use by companies that want to develop self-paced training materials for their employees. While it is always possible for a company to record the lectures associated with a live online course, this format is not optimum for self-paced study. Recorded online courses are specifically designed for unsupervised study. The lectures are shorter and more focused. A brief set of questions and problems (with solutions) is provided with each module to help students assess their comprehension of the material before moving on to the next topic. References and links to other online resources are provided for students who need additional background information and for students who want to delve more deeply into the topic. Although these courses are designed to be self-paced, they can also be presented as scheduled classes proctored by corporate education department faculty.

E-Learning Modules

All modules are approximately 50 minutes when presented in a live online format.

Basic Topics

Intermediate Topics

Advanced Topics

 ☐  Introduction to EMC  ☐  Common Impedance Couplng  ☐  EM Modeling Tools
 ☐  Overview of EMC Test Procedures  ☐  E-Field Coupling  ☐  EM Modeling Examples
 ☐  Working witn Decibels  ☐  H-Field Coupling  ☐  Imbalance Difference Theory
 ☐  Resistance  ☐  Radiation Coupling  ☐  Power Inverter EMC
 ☐  Capacitance  ☐  Grounding  ☐  PCB Layout - Guidelines
 ☐  Inductance  ☐  Antennas and Resonant Structures  ☐  PCB Layout - Review
 ☐  Linear Systems / Phasor Notation  ☐  Cavity Resonance  ☐  Network Analysis
 ☐  Time Domain vs Frequency Domain  ☐  CM and DM Propagation  ☐  Meeting Conducted EMI Requirements
 ☐  Spectrum Analyzers  ☐  Time-Domain Spectrum Analyzers  ☐  Meeting Radiated EMI Requirements
 ☐  Current Paths  ☐  PCB Decoupling - w/o power planes  ☐  Meeting BCI Requirements
 ☐  Coupling Mechanisms  ☐  PCB Decoupling - Global  ☐  Meeting ESD Requirements
 ☐  Transmission Lines - Freq. Domain  ☐  PCB Decoupling - Local  ☐  Meeting EFT Requirements
 ☐  Transmission Lines - Time Domain  ☐  Plane Wave Shielding Effectiveness  ☐  Embedded Capacitance
 ☐  RLC circuits  ☐  Practical EM Shielding Design  ☐  Antennas for EMC Measurements
 ☐  High-Freq. Modeling of Components  ☐  High-Freq. Modeling of PCBs  
 ☐  Lightning  ☐  Lightning Protection  

Custom Modules

All of the modules listed above can be customized to meet the needs of your company. For example, the presentation of a topic can be tailored for an audience of mechanical or chemical engineers. Demonstrations and example problems can be selected that resemble the types of products of greatest interest to a particular engineering group. Custom modules can also be developed on topics that do not appear in the list above.